pedal cars

airflow collectibles brun pedal car in yellow
Airflow Collectibles Brum Pedal Car in Yellow

List Price: $278

airflow collectibles fire engine pedal car in red
Airflow Collectibles Fire Engine Pedal Car in Red

List Price: $258

airflow collectibles hot rodder pedal car in red
Airflow Collectibles Hot Rodder Pedal Car in Red

List Price: $219

airflow collectibles princess pedal car in pink
Airflow Collectibles Princess Pedal Car in Pink

List Price: $219

airflow collectibles sport racer pedal plane in red
Airflow Collectibles Sport Racer Pedal Plane in Red

List Price: $517

Instep hot rod pedal car
InSTEP Hot Rod Pedal Car

List Price: $144.99

instep pink lady pedal car
InSTEP Pink Lady Pedal Car

List Price: $129.99



instep police pedal car
InSTEP Police Pedal Car

List Price: $124.99



Pedal cars bring back memories for many of us, a childhood long ago. Pedal cars have been around for over a century now and they are still loved by kids of this generation. Pedal Cars are one of those few gifts that last forever and can be passed down to your children's children.

What make pedal cars so special is the wide variety of colors, styles, and models that they come in. You can find pedal cars in just about any color for girl or boy. Pedal cars are not only limited to cars, there are also pedal wagons, jalopies, roadsters, fire engines, and pedal planes. Pedal cars are also made of different types of material, from the all steel bodies to the heavy duty plastic. You are sure to find one that meets your particular needs and wants.

Your child is sure to have hours of fun riding down the sidewalks in their own pedal cars. Nothing is as special to a child as having a car of their own just like mommy's and daddy's. Children have never been so lucky. Pedal cars are available at such great prices, every child deserves to own such a special toy. With so many toys on the market, you will delight in knowing how much fun and exercize your little one will have with their own pedal car. Take your time and enjoy browsing the different merchants that carry pedal cars and best of luck on your search for that special gift.